World Ballet Day

There is something magical about the ballet dance. From the music, outfits to the absolute passion of the ballet artists. Their powerful performance creates graceful movements that keep the audience’s eyes glued to the stage. As a way to honor these talented performers, the World Ballet Day was established as an annual observance every first week of October. Various ballet companies aid in the organization of World Ballet Day activities in the world. Among them The Australian Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Australian Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada.

History of World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day has been in celebration since the year 2014. Ballet has its origins in Italy and France during the Renaissance years. However, there were no tutus, ballet slippers, and other iconic ballet costumes. The dance was performed in courts and incorporated formal gowns that descended to the ankle. Unlike the modern ballet performances, the audience often joined in the dance. Over the years, the dance was influenced by the French ballet de cour, a performance type performed by the nobility and blended with speech, verse, and pageantry.

Later, ballet spread across the globe and was well embraced for its intrinsic beauty. Today, the dance has taken a modern shape, driven to new artistic heights and adopted by different cultures globally.

The World Ballet Day encourages everyone to get out and experience the magical beauty of ballet.

How to Celebrate World Ballet Day

Going to the ballet is the best way to mark the day. Many events and activities are held to help everyone experience the world of ballet. Videos are also taken and shared on the web to give everyone a chance to experience the beautiful expression of artistic performance.

The World Ballet Day organizers also urge ballet lovers to share a video of them dancing. It could be on the beach, studio, kitchen, or even in the bedroom. You can then upload your video or boomerang on Twitter or Instagram via the hashtag . If the Ballet experts like your pirouette, you’ll have a chance to be featured during the actual live stream on the World Ballet Day.

Follow other ballet lovers on social media by engaging in conversations between viewers and featured ballet dancers. This is also an outstanding opportunity to ask the ballet experts questions using the hashtags and .

Have you always wanted to learn ballet? Make your wish true on this day. Go ahead and register for ballet classes. Even if you don't become a professional dancer, the unique skill will help you stand out among others who are only ballet fans. You’ll also be amazed at how ballet will improve your confidence, coordination, posture, self-control, and enhance your social skills.

How to Watch World Ballet Day

Different ballet companies hold live stream performances to introduce the world to a variety of ballet techniques, rehearsals, and backstage preparations. In the UK, lovers of this magical performance often assemble at the Royal Opera House, London for the Royal Ballet World Dance Day. Ballet fans can also watch the proceedings of the World Ballet Day Bolshoi live performance streamed from the Bolshoi theatre. The Australian Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, and other ballet companies join in the live stream in their respective time zones. All these performances can be watched on the World Ballet Day official website, YouTube channels of each of the ballet companies and through the Facebook live feature.